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” John was a huge help advising the structural integrity of my final design project at Oxford Brookes University. His guidance allowed the structure to take a lead role in the development of my proposal through self-build and I’m thrilled with the results! Thank you John! “

Fergus Adam-Smith

Part III Architecture Student, Oxford Brookes

” Clear, concise and informative, despite the substantial amount of information that needed to be transmitted “

Masters Student

Guest Lecture on Steel and Masonry Structures

John is a keen educator and has a passion for helping the next generation of construction professionals succeed in their careers.

He is on the payroll of the School of Architecture, Oxford Brookes as an Associate Lecturer. Providing structural engineering input and challenge to the architecture students in their final year design unit.

He has previously held a paid position at University College London (UCL) as an Industrial Mentor advising the Civil and Environmental Engineering students on their design projects.


Beyond tutoring he has also given various guest lectures including to the engineering students at Imperial College here in Kensington.

John writes an education blog for a wider audience at www.johnhurle.com. With a focus particularly on those considering a career in engineering. Beyond his own blogging he has also guest written for other platforms, including this opinion piece for a specialist blog in America.

As well as teaching and blogging our practice provides a number of paid internships each year to students from the best London universities. The internships are intended to be interesting and stretching to give students an opportunity to hone their skills and a chance to shine.


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